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EES – Essential Eyebrow Solution® … A Solution For A Problem

Read the Full Article Here A: EES™ is a patented, paraben-free formula comprised of the natural botanical black cohosh that has been shown to support eyebrow fullness and suppleness. EES™ was originally formulated to help preserve eyebrow hair in connection with chemotherapy treatment. The EES clinical trial data


It’s hard to imagine ourselves without eyebrows. They are an integral part of conveying our emotions. They help tell the story of how we feel about the world – through displays that are both instinctive and universal. Eyebrows allow you to discern whether or not

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PSA: The Dangers of Fake Eyebrows

Hair loss isn’t just a problem for men. In fact, over 40% of women experience some form of hair loss by the time they are just 40 years old. Dealing with hair loss as a woman comes with its own set of unique challenges (a

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EES™ 60 Second Commercial

Let’s Face It. Full, natural eyebrows are in! With EES–Essential Eyebrow Solution® you can maximize eyebrow volume and get the full, natural look you crave. EES™ is a clinically-tested formula that gives you thicker, fuller looking eyebrows with every use. No cosmetics, no painful tattoos,

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EES™ 30 Second Commercial

Beautiful, natural brows are in! Let us help you maintain yours with EES-Essential Eyebrow Solution®. Our patented, paraben-free formula will nourish, condition, and revitalize your eyebrows. As featured on HGTV, MTV, Food Network, VH1, TBS, Bravo, Entertainment, OWN, A&E, Hallmark and Lifetime.