1. What will EES-Essential Eyebrow Solution® do for my eyebrows?

EES has been scientifically formulated through years of development and clinical testing to help with thinning eyebrows. EES’s patented formula nourishes, conditions, and revitalizes eyebrow hair, resulting in the appearance of thicker, fuller eyebrows.

2. Is EES-Essential Eyebrow Solution® safe for me to use?

Yes. The EES formulation has been extensively tested for its stability and safety by three independent laboratories, with favorable results. The testing was conducted under Good Clinical Practices with an attending dermatologist and Institutional Review Board (IRB).

3. What are the main ingredients in EES-Essential Eyebrow Solution®?

EES is a topical solution made from an herb known as black cohosh, along with other ingredients that are commonly used in cosmetic products. The EES formulation was compounded by a research laboratory under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

4. What is the science behind black cohosh?

Used for many medicinal purposes, black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) is a perennial herb native to North America. The chief element in the black cohosh root is a substance known as cimicifugin or macrotin. Studies have shown that black cohosh contains several compounds that may contribute to its potency, including: cycloartane, triterpene glycosides (such as acetin and 26-deoxyaxtein), henylpropanoid esters, and phenolic compounds (such as caffeic acid derivatives). Black cohosh has often been used for scalp hair loss, but until EES-Essential Eyebrow Solution® was formulated, it had never been used to address thinning eyebrows. For this reason, EES was carefully tested in a preliminary, open-label, dose-ranging study. The results of the study were reported in PRIME International Journal of Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Medicine, a professional journal of dermatology and related sciences.

5. How should EES–Essential Eyebrow Solution® be applied?

EES should be applied twice a day (morning and evening) according to the following directions: Wash and completely dry eyebrows before using EES. Dip a clean cotton swab (such as a Q-tip®) into the bottle of EES, and carefully apply the solution to the eyebrow.

Use a fresh swab for each eyebrow to avoid contaminating the solution in the bottle.

6. Can I use EES-Essential Eyebrow Solution® on my eyelashes?

No. The EES solution has been specifically formulated for use on eyebrows only and is not safe for use on eyelashes.

7. What should I do if I accidently get the EES solution in my eyes?

Careful application of EES according to the directions given should prevent the solution from getting into your eyes. But if EES does drip into your eyes, immediately flush your eyes with cool running water. If you wear contact lenses, remove them and continue flushing your eyes for at least 15 minutes. If irritation continues, or any other adverse reaction occurs, seek medical attention immediately.

8. Can eyebrow makeup be applied while using EES-Essential Eyebrow Solution®?

Yes. After application of EES, wait for the brows to completely dry (approximately 10-15 minutes) before applying makeup.

9. Can I use EES-Essential Eyebrow Solution® if my eyebrows have been tinted or tattooed?

Yes. EES is suitable to use on tinted or tattooed eyebrows.

10. Can EES-Essential Eyebrow Solution® be used by individuals who have over-tweezed their eyebrows?

Yes. EES is specifically designed to help improve the appearance of weak brows resulting from over-tweezing, over-waxing, and from aging. EES™ nourishes eyebrows to help support lasting fullness. EES™ conditions brows to promote strength, suppleness, and shine. In short, EES™ revitalizes eyebrows for a thicker, fuller appearance.

11. What if I forget to apply EES-Essential Eyebrow Solution® twice a day?

No problem. If you happen to miss one or two applications, just resume use of the EES solution as directed.

12. What will happen if I stop using EES-Essential Eyebrow Solution®?

The benefits of the EES solution may be lost if you stop using it for any length of time.

13. How long will one bottle of EES-Essential Eyebrow Solution® last?

If applied according to directions, the EES 1 oz. bottle should last approximately three months. The EES 2 oz. bottle should last approximately six months.

14. Is EES-Essential Eyebrow Solution® paraben-free?

Yes. The EES formulation is paraben-free.

15. Can I use EES-Essential Eyebrow Solution® if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

The safety of using any product during pregnancy or lactation varies from woman to woman. Therefore, we recommend that you consult with your physician to determine if EES can be used during pregnancy, or if you are breastfeeding.

16. Is EES-Essential Eyebrow Solution® patented?

Yes. EES is protected in the US by multiple patents, and RMV Trademarks, LLC is pursuing patent protection in Europe and Canada.