Full, natural-looking eyebrows are in! They really are one of your most important features. Using EES Essential Eyebrow Solution® will enhance your brows, adding vitality and allure to your face. And at an affordable price. Don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers have to say.

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Our Stories of Success with EES

Marsha K.

I was a dubious purchaser, but went ahead and bought a bottle of EES. I have used it religiously for four months and I am truly satisfied and certainly surprised with your product’s results. I had totally empty spaces and most are almost all filled in. There is now a substantial visual difference in my brows after just a bit more than 120 days. I will continue to use my EES 2x a day.

Yasmin Jorge, Writer, Fashion 360 Magazine, NYC

So from a frustrated writer losing her prized eyebrows, I became a hopeful (and happy) devotee to EES. I will tell you, this solution is revolutionary, and sold me 100%. The results do take time, but you will get them. To read her full review, click here: http://fashion360mag.com/ees-for-eyebrow-regrowth/

Mary Ellen F.

I was one who over tweezed my eyebrows. I stopped tweezing and had them waxed monthly. They were so slow to grow in. I started approximately two weeks ago using this product and had eyebrows done today. My beautician couldn’t believe the difference in how they had grown this month. I told her what I was doing and she really believed it made all the difference this visit. I will continue to use it. I am very happy with this product.*

Olga K.

My name Is Olga and I’d like to share my experience using the EES product. I started to apply the solution to my eyebrows in December (every morning and evening as instructed) and in April, to my great surprise, I noticed my brows had really become thicker! Guys, it’s really works and it’s really amazing. 

Thank you so much. Your solution is genius.*  

Anne M.

I started using EES about 3 weeks ago and am already seeing results in the over plucked areas of my teenager days. There is also growth in the main brow area making my brows look thicker and they look a lot healthier now as well. I am very happy with this product and have recommended to many women who have the same issues with thinning brows. Wonderful customer service as well!! A 5-star product and a 5-star company!*

Thomas H.

I have been using the EES product for about a year now. I have seen remarkable results beyond my expectations—way beyond my expectations (especially the thickening and ideal direction of the new hair growth). Wow!*

Julie D.

I have noticed my eyebrows thinning over the years and considered getting them tattooed. My hairstylist told me about EES and I decided to try the product. I have been using EES for a couple of months and notice a definite improvement. I am so delighted with the results and will continue using EES.*

Cynthia L.

This is very exciting since I have tried other products and filled my eyebrows with many different products everyday since I read “fuller thicker eyebrows look more youthful “and I’m all about “looking better and more youthful ” after only one month I can see improvement, it’s amazing, EES WORKS!! Saves me time and my eyebrows look amazing! Thank you EES!!*

Andrea A.

This product really does work! It truly saved my eyebrows when nothing else would  Thank you EES for amazing results!*

Justyna S.

During a girls night out, I learned about this new eyebrow product. Of course, I had to try it! My eyebrows definitely look healthier and fuller. I’m loving it and highly recommend it!*

Maggie S.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone that could benefit from its use. Using it is simple; it does not irritate your skin and gives you back some of your confidence.*

Sarah K.

I’ve been using EES as part of my daily routine to keep my eyebrows looking beautiful and natural. I love this product!*

Sandy L.

Being able to keep my eyebrows enabled me to feel more normal, like myself and “keep myself.”  As “myself,” I can conquer anything! The eyebrow solution was so easy to use. I just incorporated it into my daily routine.*

Alex S.

One of my clients has been using EES and she has been seeing amazing results! As a stylist I hear and see it all, and I myself have seen dramatic results in her brows. Nothing makes you feel better than having full brows so I’m very happy this product is working for her!*

Joanne B. N.

Finally a product for eyebrows! I work in a Dermatology practice and get tons of questions relating to thinning brows. Nobody really wants to get tattooed! The EES solution has proved to work wonders on two of our staff members. They couldn’t be happier. Thanks to EES we now have a product that grows beautiful brows again. We continue to refer our patients to the website to purchase and look forward to selling it in our office.*

Dyan M.

I’m Scandinavian and I’ve always had light eyebrows but still needed to tweeze and shape them. I did that for years and actually over tweezed, which made them not only light, but scarce too. I thought about having my eyebrows tattooed, or having some other kind of procedure to give me more brows, because without eyebrows on your face you can look like an alien. Seriously, you do. 

I decided to go online and check out eyebrow solutions that can help regrow eyebrow hair and I chose EES. I’m very happy I did, because it’s working.

After using EES for 37 days (morning and night), I could see new hair growth on my left eyebrow and even had to tweeze (just a little) in the corners of my brow to shape them. I could also see hair growth on my right eyebrow at both ends, but the middle part was still scarce. Now, it’s been 65 days and I’m beginning to see the middle area filling in and the left brow getting even fuller. 

It’s so much easier to apply my brow powder, because I now have brows that I can see to apply it…. yeah! I’m finally getting my eyebrows back.*

Cathy H.

I am a 73-year-old woman with sparse eyebrows because, when I was younger, I used to pluck them. I wanted natural-looking eyebrows. To me, when you use an eyebrow pencil, it looks fake. I even thought about tattooing them in. But it is time consuming and expensive and I really don’t like the look. Tattooed eyebrows don’t look natural. With Essential Eyebrow Solution® there are no side effects. It does not irritate. When I first started using EES, I noticed new hair growth within one month. Now, after four months, my eyebrows are fuller and hair has come back where there was none. I am extremely happy with EES and will continue to make it part of my daily routine. I am so glad I decided to try EES. One of the better decisions of my life.*

Pat M.

An esthetician recommended EES-Essential Eyebrow Solution to me because it’s exclusively for eyebrows and I had very sparse brows. After four months of prescribed use, my eyebrows have filled in and shown overall growth, especially from the arch to the outer corners of the brow.  EES is easy to use and has no side effects.  I highly recommend EES–it really worked for me!*

Charlie P.

Hello, my name is Charlie P. My eyebrows have been thin for quite awhile. Since using the EES solution, I have seen some new hair growth on my eyebrows. It is so exciting to see. I’m sure it will make me look amazing!! Thank you!!

Lydia K.

Before I started using EES I had bare gaps in my eyebrows.  After using EES, the bare spots have filled in.

*All comments are from actual EES customers.

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