It’s hard to imagine ourselves without eyebrows. They are an integral part of conveying our emotions. They help tell the story of how we feel about the world – through displays that are both instinctive and universal. Eyebrows allow you to discern whether or not the guy on the subway is subtly flirting with you, or has had to go to the bathroom for the last three stops. Over the years, psychologists and social scientists have discovered how truly important our eyebrows are to our ability to communicate nonverbally, and to our identity as human beings.

Throughout human history, evolution has seen a dramatic reduction of facial hair (we’re not talking to you, Duck Dynasty guys), but through it all, eyebrows remain. They still serve a physical purpose – helping to keep your eyes free of dust and debris, and delaying drops of sweat a quick second before they fall and splash the StairMaster – their existence is largely sociological and psychological. The coif of your eyebrows can communicate a “classic” sense of femininity or masculinity, although we believe in 2017 what that means is totally up to you. The point is, that our eyebrows are inextricably tied to our sense of self, however we choose to define it.

Proof of the cultural importance we imbue our brows is found in the thousands of Facebook groups, Instagram accounts and YouTube tutorials dedicated to those funny little strips of hair above our eyes. Eyebrows also play a huge role in facial recognition, with many studies citing that it is more difficult to distinguish a face with the eyebrows removed, than the eyes or even the mouth. Who knew?!

The importance of eyebrows is also found in their ability to communicate our most vital and personal emotional expressions. The slightest raise of a single brow can convey an infinite number of emotions, from a look of confusion or disgust, to a seductive “come hither” glance. Or they can let us know that Michael Scott from The Office really, really doesn’t like Toby. The ability to recognize these nonverbal signals are an essential part of distinguishing social cues and developing emotional intelligence.

It’s easy to see how important our eyebrows are, both to our sense of self, and how we portray our feelings to the world. The prospect of losing them is one that many of us have never had to face, but for the thousands of men and women going through chemotherapy or losing eyebrow hair due to aging, it is one they have to face just the same. That’s why we created EES -Essential Eyebrow Solution®. If you’re struggling with thinning eyebrows, we can help! Check out the rest of our website for more information, and don’t underestimate the importance of your eyebrows.

From everyone at EES,

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