PSA: The Dangers of Fake Eyebrows

PSA: The Dangers of Fake Eyebrows

Hair loss isn’t just a problem for men. In fact, over 40% of women experience some form of hair loss by the time they are just 40 years old. Dealing with hair loss as a woman comes with its own set of unique challenges (a little trickier than most males strategies of throwing on a hat, or going full-on Mr. Clean if you’re brave enough), especially when it comes to thinning eyebrows. You won’t believe the measures some will take, trying to make their eyebrows look lush. Let’s take a look!

Eyebrow Tattoos

One of the more drastic methods of sidestepping thinning eyebrows is getting a permanent eyebrow tattoo. A quick Google search should tell you how enormous a commitment this is, so be sure you do your research. Although a competent and specially-trained artist can work wonders masking thinning brows, heaven help you if you end up on the wrong side of a needle held by an inexperienced hand.

Excessive Penciling

Many reach for the cosmetic pencil to touch up their eyebrows even absent of any signs of thinning. While we might be somewhat biased against this approach (if you can’t tell, we keep it pretty real around here as far as eyebrow care goes), we want to make it clear that however you like to express yourself is just fine with us. If you like to load up your brow with dark colors, sharp lines and high arches, more power to you! That doesn’t change the fact that this style occasionally toes a very thin line next to drag queen chic and straight-up clown makeup. *Sassy finger snap*

Eyebrow Transplants

Expensive. Painful. Not to mention, what’s the word… icky? Eyebrow transplants are up there with tattoos as a more radical solution to thinning eyebrows, but hey, if the guys get to pluck out hairs from the back of their heads and surgically implant them somewhere else, gosh darn it, the ladies should get to as well. We’ve come a long way, baby. Eyebrow transplants are another method we beg you to research and research and research some more before taking the plunge.

We at EES – Essential Eyebrow Solution® prefer the gentle, natural approach to an eyebrow solution. If you notice signs of thinning eyebrows, may we suggest you give EES a try and see what a difference it can make for you?

From everyone at EES,

Be informed. Be encouraged. Be empowered. But most of all… Be Yourself.