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Dear Healthcare Professional,

Recognizing the emotional importance of a healthy appearance during chemotherapy, RMV Trademarks, LLC has developed a unique, patented product called EES–Essential Eyebrow Solution®. When applied to the eyebrows, EES™ is a safe and effective way to preserve natural brows in connection with chemotherapy treatment.

EES™ was conceived by a hair replacement specialist whose clientele included many cancer patients. Their overwhelming concern about their appearance and vitality during chemotherapy prompted her to find a solution to the problem of eyebrow hair loss, which dramatically affects the expressiveness and attractiveness of the face. Formulated in a research laboratory, EES™ was successfully developed, tested, and patented. EES™ can be used cosmetically for retention of thinning eyebrows and for conditioning the brows. However, it is powerfully effective when used for the preservation of eyebrow hair in cancer patients.

We invite you to review the following material:

prime journal cover

EES™ open trial clinical data published in PRIME International Journal of Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal. The article, “Preserving Eyebrow Hair during Chemotherapy Treatment” was written in collaboration with Josephine Ford Cancer Institute/Henry Ford Health System, located in Detroit, MI.


rmv trademarks

EES Essential Eyebrow Solution® Presentation.

Presentation Document


“I Had Testicular Cancer and It Wasn’t That Bad” by Jason Kessler. This article, published in GQ, an international monthly men’s magazine, clearly describes how deeply the writer felt about his loss of eyebrows in connection with his chemotherapy treatment.

GQ Article

ees patient testimonials

Comments from patients who utilized the EES™ solution in connection with their chemotherapy treatment.


RMV Trademarks, LLC will be making donations to various cancer-related charities in an effort to share our success with worthy recipients.

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