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Personal Care for Beauty & Vitality

To look and feel your best, it’s important to take proper care of yourself. It’s common knowledge that moisturizing your skin daily to maintain its smooth, healthy glow is a must. Conditioning your hair regularly helps prevent dry, brittle ends while promoting suppleness and shine. And you wouldn’t dare forget to protect your lips against the blazing summer sun and other harsh elements.

But are you taking care of your eyebrows?

Eyebrows are often neglected when it comes to grooming the face, yet, they are one of our most important facial features. Lush, healthy-looking brows enhance the allure of our eyes, create a frame for our face, and make us more attractive in general. But eyebrows also play a vital role in non-verbal communication by expressing emotions like surprise, fear and happiness. In other words, our eyebrows deserve our attention when it comes to daily beauty care.

The Solution

EES Essential Eyebrow Solution® has been scientifically formulated through years of development and clinical testing. Infused with the natural botanical black cohosh, EES is a patented formula that nourishes, conditions, and revitalizes eyebrow hair resulting in beautiful, lush, fuller-looking brows.

The Science Behind
Black Cohosh

Used for many purposes, black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) is a perennial herb native to North America. The chief element in the black cohosh root is a substance known as cimicifugin or macrotin. Studies have shown that black cohosh contains several compounds that may contribute to its potency, including: cycloartane, triterpene glycosides (such as acetin and 26-deoxyactein), henylpropanoid esters, and phenolic compounds (such as caffeic acid derivatives). With black cohosh as its main ingredient, EES Essential Eyebrow Solution® is safe and effective. Its special formulation supports, enhances and maintains natural eyebrows.

eyebrow growth improvement

The Clinical Proof

In a recent clinical study, 84% of EES study participants reported noticeable improvement in their overall eyebrow appearance after using EES for 16 weeks (one full eyebrow growth cycle). To learn more about our clinical study, click here.


The Solution for Better Brows

Clinically Tested

Safe & Effective

A Patented Formula





Not Tested on Animals

Made in the USA

Directions for Use

EES is to be used twice daily (morning and evening) as follows: Cleanse and completely dry eyebrows before using EES. Dip a clean cotton swab into the bottle of EES solution and carefully apply the solution to the eyebrow. Use a fresh swab for each eyebrow to avoid contaminating the solution in the bottle. Makeup may be used 10-15 minutes after EES has been applied. Consistent application and continued use of EES as directed is essential for best results. Individual results may vary.

Please note:  The eyebrow growth cycle is typically 4 months.  The 1-oz. bottle of EES is an adequate supply to cover one complete eyebrow growth cycle.  For best results, it is important to apply the EES solution as directed for the full eyebrow growth cycle.  To support, maintain and enhance natural eyebrows, continued use is recommended.

Are you Ready for Better Brows?

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