The Importance of the Eyebrow Growth Cycle

The Importance of the Eyebrow Growth Cycle

Full, thick, beautiful eyebrows aren’t a passing trend—they’re here to stay. Not only do eyebrows frame our face, but research has shown they are the key to helping us look more youthful. If you’re hoping to increase the density of your brows but have over-tweezed or over-waxed, I encourage you to put down those tweezers, postpone your next waxing appointment and keep reading!

When you’re “growing out” your brows, patience is key. Why? Eyebrows will NOT grow overnight. The eyebrow growth cycle is typically about 4 months (whereas scalp hair’s growth cycle takes about 3-4 years to complete). Let’s take a closer look at the science behind eyebrow hair growth. (Don’t worry, you won’t get graded on this information—I promise!)

The eyebrow growth cycle

Did you know that all body hair (including your eyebrows) has a 3-phase growth cycle? While eyebrow hair, scalp hair and eyelashes may all grow at different rates, they all still follow the same 3-phase cycle. Here’s how the cycle works:

Anagen (1st Phase) – Commonly known as the active growth phase, the cells in the root of the hair quickly divide—resulting in new hair growth.

Catagen (2nd Phase) – After the Anagen phase is complete, a very short transition period starts. During the Catagen phase, the blood supply to the follicle is halted—and hair growth temporarily stops.

Telogen (3rd Phase) – Lastly, hair enters the Telogen or “resting” phase. Throughout this period, hair is inactive and doesn’t grow. After the Telogen phase, the cycle begins again.

Keep in mind, scars, thyroid conditions, underlying medical conditions, excessive tweezing, waxing and threading, certain medications, and genetics can all impact how well your eyebrows grow. Consult with your physician if you have specific questions about your medical history and your eyebrows.

For more hair science information, visit The American Hair Loss Association.

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