RMV Trademarks, LLC, Manufacturer and Distributor of EES – Essential Eyebrow Solution®, Supports Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month at Wheels & Teal Event

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – September 7, 2018. In support of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, RMV Trademarks, LLC is proud to be a teal sponsor and participant at the 7th annual Wheels & Teal 5k awareness fun run/walk and classic car show, held at the Village of Rochester Hills, on Saturday, September 15th. The event is sponsored in part by the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MIOCA).

“Our support is instrumental in helping MIOCA to continue fulfilling its mission to save lives by promoting early detection of ovarian cancer, the most lethal gynecologic cancer” says RMV Trademarks, LLC founder Renata Marie Vestevich. “Increasing awareness and advocacy are critical for significantly improving survival rates. We want to do all we can to help Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month efforts.”

The Wheels & Teal event includes a 5K fun run/walk, teal and turquoise classic car show, outdoor concert, activities for the kids and more. Visit the event website at: wheelsandteal.com for further details.


EES Essential Eyebrow Solution® is the only clinically-tested cosmetic eyebrow product on the market to address eyebrow thinning or potential eyebrow loss. With a patented, paraben-free formula comprised of the natural botanical black cohosh, EES has been shown to support eyebrow fullness and suppleness. EES is ideal for beauty consumers looking to enhance their eyebrows, yet it was originally formulated to help retain eyebrow hair in connection with chemotherapy treatment.

The EES open trial clinical data was published in PRIME International Journal of Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Medicine, a peer-reviewed publication. The article, “Preserving Eyebrow Hair during Chemotherapy Treatment” was written in collaboration with Josephine Ford Cancer Institute, located in Detroit, Michigan. For additional information about RMV and EES, click here.


Established in 2011, MIOCA strives to save women’s lives by promoting the early detection of ovarian cancer and improved treatment outcomes. MIOCA raises awareness of ovarian cancer, provides resources and support to survivors and their families, advocates both locally and federally, educates Michigan communities and funds innovative ovarian cancer research. To learn more about MIOCA, please visit: mioca.org.